Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Thanks Sarah for the tip on loading videos!  Loading to youtube first seemed like an unnecessary extra step, but it worked!!!  Now I can add pictures and videos!!!  Here are a few recent ones...

A typical day at the pool.  The boys can entertain themselves for hours going back and forth between the kiddie pool and the big pool.  Jumping, splashing, swimming, diving to the bottom, ...

Jaden and Nicholas are working on their handstands in this clip...

I'm not sure where these kids get their dance moves, but it's hilarious!!!  I love that Nicholas uses his sword as a guitar and Jaden's best moves occur about a minute in. 

Jaden videoed our little Nicholas "reading" his first book! 
He left out "EASY!" after every page for the camera. 
I was kind of hoping he would say it once ... so funny!! 

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  1. Glad YouTube worked for you! Happy blogging :)