Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doha Tour

Happy Independance Day!  Not that there is any celebration here, but we haven't forgotten what day it is!  :-)  Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous holiday!

So we took our first offical Doha tour on Saturday.  ExxonMobil provides a one-on-one tour guide to drive you around town and show you things when you first arrive.  Ken had to work, so it was just me and the boys.  I figured we would go as long as the boys would hold out - maybe just after lunch.  Started out great ... drove to the beach (way prettier than Galveston with calm, warm water).  Then around to various shopping districts and tourist spots.  I must say, there is more to Doha than expected.  We just need to wait a few months for it to cool down enough to enjoy them.  Crazy to drive by empty beaches because it's too hot for anyone to go.  I know it's been hot in the US lately, so you can all relate.  I think it's about 110 most days and cools to a refreshing 90 at night.  I hear it only gets worse before it gets better.  Since I can't drive yet, it really doesn't matter too much how hot it is - we don't go out a whole lot and it's a short walk to the pool.  But I digress ... back to the tour.  So we enjoyed seeing a number of new things when the driver decided to whip around on a side street to avoid traffic.  Jaden informs us his tummy hurts.  We go over a speed bump and just that quick, Jaden threw up all over himself!  Tour over!!  He was fine after we got home, out of the car, and into AC.  I really think it was a combination of the heat and a bit of car sickness.  Poor kid!

The last few days have been spent at home ... we signed the boys up for swim lessons.  Mr. Raffi comes to the pool on our compound every Tuesday to give them lessons.  Love that he comes to us!!  The boys seemed to take to him right away ... looking forward to seeing progress this summer.  Jaden was really starting to do well in his swimming lessons in Houston.  Nicholas won't be far behind!

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