Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I love my boys!

I love that reading the Bible is an important part of our morning routine!  Even when I forget, the boys remind me when we miss "Bible time."  They were even willing to be late to their swimming lessons this morning to spend time in the Bible.  There's a lesson there for me.  How often do I put it off until later?  I too should be willing to be late in order to spend time with God.

While I'm still working on videos (thanks for the tip Sarah!), here are a few silly pictures of the boys this week ...

Who needs a pool when you can play with the pool toys in the living room?? 
 And Nicholas gets to wear his Spiderman costume to boot!

We went out for lunch after church last Friday and this was Jaden's immediate
reaction to the folded napkin sitting in front of him!  He was so excited to get a hat!! 
Who needs a happy meal when you can get a folded napkin?!

And of course, Nicholas has to do everything Jaden does ....

This was taken just 2 minutes after he insisted he wasn't tired and didn't need a nap! 
(I think his "lovey" is going to college with him some day.  Will he ever outgrow it?)

Poor kid's head is too big for shirt!  My little skinny mini!!  The only way our boys ever outgrow their shirts are when we can't get it over their big heads any more. 

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