Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm a Resident!!

It's official!  We have our resident's permit (RP)!!!  The boys and I are residents of Qatar!

I've put off posting the last few days because everything has been frustrating ... RP paperwork was held up, because the guy forgot the papers for the boys.  The sea shipment didn't arrive in 4-6 days as expected because the guy forgot to tell us there is a 5 day "discharge" process that has to occur before the 4-6 days custom clearance can begin.  I don't know, I've learned to just politely say, okay, supply the extra information and wait.  No need to get upset. 

I should receive our passports back this afternoon and I'm hoping to take the driving test on Sunday.  I just need to find out the hours.  I also have to have an eye exam first.  If not Sunday, then later in the week because ...

Our sea shipment is scheduled to arrive on Monday!!!  Yippee!!!  It's going to be like Christmas!!! 

On a side note, I've been trying to figure out how to upload mini videos into this blog and for the life of me I can't get it to work.  It says it's uploading, but it never finishes.  I've tried googling a solution, but still can't figure it out.  If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, PLEASE fill me in!!!

Here we are, shopping for cars ... couldn't get Nicholas off the motorcycles on display at the Honda dealer.  Much to his chagrin, we're NOT buying a motorcycle!  And Jaden's not too bad of a photographer huh?  :-)

Boys are catching some air as they jump into the pool. 

Pool skills the boys have mastered in just the past couple of weeks include diving to and sitting on the bottom of the pool. Skills still in progress, but they love to work on, include handstands, breast stroke and butterfly stroke (for Jaden), and "big arms" in his freestyle (for Nicholas). 

Skills I've mastered at the pool this summer include being a human jungle gym as they climb all over me (they love to jump off my shoulders from a shoulder stand), flinging my children in all directions, and hiding my adult beverage in a thermos container that keeps it remarkably cool in 110+ heat.  Skills I'm still working on include swimming just 2 laps without being completely winded and getting my children to play by themselves!  :-)

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  1. Hi! I have started putting all my videos on YouTube and then embedding them in the blog - way easier! - Sarah