Monday, July 16, 2012

iPhone overheated

So today I learned that my iPhone can get overheated.  I took the boys to a pool at one of the hotels right along the beach.  We had a great time playing at the pool and met a few more moms from the Doha Mums club, but when I wandered down to the beach, my phone overheated.  I got an error message that said I couldn't use my phone until it cooled down.  Guess I'll have to start carrying a camera again.  I only wanted to take a few pictures! 

I just googled it and found out that the iPhone is not intended for continuous use over 35 degrees C (which I then had to convert ... 95 degrees F).  Guess that's why I was only able to take a couple of pictures.  It had been sitting poolside for almost 2 hrs in 110 degree weather. 

I did get a couple of pictures though....

Here's the pool at the Intercontinental Hotel with the beach beyond the palm trees.  Can you tell the palm trees are a little brown?  They all are here ... trees are endlessly watered, but there is so much dust in the air that everything takes on a rather dull brown color.

 Boys were being silly for the camera...

 Nicholas was ready for his close up ... love that I caught Jaden just over his shoulder!

I wandered out to the beach to take a few pictures.  This is when my phone overheated.  Off to one side is down town Doha. 

The water is a beautiful blue green and so calm!

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