Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All Unpacked!

I'm so excited to be done unpacking!!!  I think I did pretty well.  Everything arrived, unloaded, out of boxes and put away in less than 2 days!!!  I even set up the computer and the TV by myself (usually something I make Ken do.)  Yippee!!  The moving company just needs to come back to pick up the mountains of boxes and paper.  And then I have to decide on where to hang pictures. 

The boys were so excited to get their Geo Tracks trains set up, but they have actually played more with their musical instruments and the Foos Ball table.  So glad we decided to bring the foos ball table!  I almost left it in storage, but the boys are finally tall enough to play (standing on stools).  I'm hoping that I get better as we play more ... some day I want to actually challenge Ken in the game!!  As it stands, he KILLS me every time... and I even make him play with only his left hand!  :-( 

It's amazing the difference a few personal belongings make to a furnished house.  I'm especially happy to have my bed and some rugs to soften the tile floors.  I was not so happy to find two laundry baskets full of dirty laundry!!  Why didn't the laundry fairy wash those for me while at sea?? 

And it's rather amusing to see things I packed that make no sense - like lamps.  We were forewarned that our furnished townhouse didn't have any lamps, so we brought a few of our favorites.  Now we have fabulous lamps all over the house ... except we can't plug them in!!!  The voltage is different here and the lamps won't work without a converter.  I could probably buy a new lamp for the same price as a converter!  So for now, our lamps are decorative and maybe some day, I might get functional ones.  Oh well!  It does look nice with lamps.  :-)

Another silly thing I packed without thinking was roughly a year supply of the boys multi-vitamins.  They were gummies.  They clearly don't do well in the heat for ~11 weeks.  No longer are they individual little gummy vitamins, now they are a solid chunk.  Maybe I should have kept them -- I could have given the boys a spoonful of chewie goo every day?!  :-)  Clearly that should have gone in our suitcases!!!  Now I know for the future...

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