Thursday, July 5, 2012

American School of Doha

Today is by far the windiest day since I've been here. You step outside and it's like walking into a sand fight. Super fine dust is flying through the air and visibility is terrible!  It gets in your eyes, nose and mouth and makes you super thirsty!  But we braved the weather and went for a wonderful tour of Jaden's future school today. We saw the library, music rooms, art rooms, classrooms, cafeteria, gym, playgrounds, outdoor basketball, tennis and swimming pool.  All for the elementary school!  The junior high and highschool is completely separate.  It looks fantastic!!

The way getting there, though, was not so fantastic.  But these are the things that make for better stories.  I think we had our worst driver yet.  First he arrived at our compound and drove right past our place.  I tried to wave him down, but he turned the corner and disappeared for 15 minutes!  Where did he go??  Our compound isn't that big!  He is finally back on our street and I jumped outside to catch him before he disappears again.  Then I'm carrying the car seats outside and he opens the trunk!  I had to laugh.  He clearly doesn't have kids or see many car seats if he thinks they go in the trunk!!  LOL!  We're finally all settled and off we go.  Now I've never been to the American School of Doha (ASD) before, but I knew where it was on the map.  He was heading in the exact opposite direction.  I asked him why we're going this way when the school is the other way.  He assured me he knew where he was going.  "I've been here 6 months, I know the city," he says.  Okay, I don't want to offend him, but I'm following along on my map and we're going farther and farther away from the school.  He finally gets himself turned around and heading in the right direction.  We get near the school and he pulls over and says here we are.  Me:  no this is a residential compound not the American School.  He keeps driving.  We drive right past the school and I say, that was it.  He turns around to go behind the school and tries to drop me off at some sports complex.  Me:  no, this isn't it.  We keep going.  He nearly drives past the school again and I say "here, here, pull in here."  Surprisingly, he listened to me this time and pulled in.  We were at the right gate.  We were 15 minutes late for the tour, but we managed to catch them just in time.  Silly driver!!  I can't wait to get my license!!!

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