Monday, March 10, 2014

Tooth Fairy!

Big news in our house this weekend ... we had our first visit from the tooth fairy!!!  Jaden (finally) lost his first tooth!  It's been loose for quite a while, but he didn't like to wiggle it, so it took a long time to fall out.  Friday night while reading stories at bedtime, he noticed his tooth was really wiggly (hanging at a 90 degree angle from his gums) and I said he could probably pull it out by himself now.  I don't think he believed me, so he ran to the mirror to check it out, and sure enough he pulled the tooth out all by himself!!  (So glad ... something about teeth grosses me out and as much as Jaden has looked forward to this moment, I've dreaded the time when his teeth started to fall out!  I'm ever so grateful that I didn't have to touch it!!)
Big smiles after losing his first tooth!!!  Tiny little tooth in his hand!

With the flash on, you can't see the tooth, but you can see the fresh spot of blood on his gum where he pulled the tooth out!  Gross!!

We put the tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy left him 5 riyal (about $2).  When he woke up, he asked why he only got 5 riyal when other kids in his class got 100?  Really??  100 riyal is like 30 US dollars!!!  For a tooth??!!!  How does one explain this???  Not sure I did a very good job.  He's already skeptical about the whole shenanigans ... all night he kept asking me, "Are you sure you aren't the tooth fairy?"  I guess this is what happens when you are past 7 by the time you lose your first tooth ... the magic and mystery of the tooth fairy is harder to explain to a child that has a firm grasp on reality vs make believe.  Either way, he was excited for his 5 riyal and even more excited to have a tooth missing from his grin!

Guess we got family pictures just in time!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Family pictures

A couple of Fridays ago, we had our friend Terri Watson meet us at the Souk to take some family are the results.  Which one is your favorite?