Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend fun

We took our first outing in our own car on Friday morning. We drove to church- Grace fellowship. They meet in a large meeting room in one of the compounds (Christian churches are still fairly new in Qatar). We arrived (a few minutes late) and walked right in the main door - right into the pulpit in the middle of the praise music! We quickly shut the door and looked for a side entry. I guess this is how they identify visitors! :-) The service was nice- very multicultural. They don't have a pastor, so the speaker rotates from week to week. They seem to have a lot of children and children activities. They also have several small groups and bible studies in get involved in. After the service, several families approached us and invited us out to lunch. We came home after lunch just long enough for the boys to nap. Then we went to colin's 3rd birthday party. It was a fantastic small group of families and the hostess and her visiting mother are both vegan, so there was lots for me to eat!! Super nice surprise!! After the birthday party, another friend held a dinner party for us to meet more people. It was really great to see some familiar faces - two of the families at the dinner party are people we used to work with in Houston 6 years ago. The boys loved playing with all the super hero toys and fighter jets their boys had!! Ken had to work today, so the boys and I scheduled a tour of Doha courtesy exxonmobil. Apparently we can get a personal tour for 3 full days. Doha is not very big, so I have no idea how they fill three days, but it's a nice gesture. We were about 2 hours in (of a planned 6 hr tour), when jaden decided he had had enough and threw up all over himself, his car seat, and all the toys in his lap. Clearly we ended the tour and came home. He seems totally fine now. I'm wondering if he just got a bit car sick as she was whipping around some pretty small side streets, not slowing down for speed bumps, when he lost his cookies. Just glad he's okay now.

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