Thursday, June 12, 2014

The last days of school

Today was the boys last day of school!!  We are now the proud parents of a 2nd grader and our baby is in Kindergarten!!!!  Yikes!!

Yesterday was Jaden's year end party and I think I had just as much fun as he did playing minute-to-win-it games with his friends.  I picked up Nicholas at 12:30 (the end of his day) and we killed some time eating lunch and reading books until it was time for Jaden's party...

Just killing time until Jaden's party ... typical face from Nicholas.
 When we arrived in Jaden's class, they were all working on their iPads with head phones on.  You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet!!!

Jaden focused on his computer work on the iPad.  Love the head phones!!

Nicholas being silly! 
It was finally game time and we started with "Stack Attack" (they had to stack 28 plastic cups into a pyramid in 1 minute).  Then we played "There She Blows" and you had to blow a plastic cup back and forth across the table using a straw (this one was much easier for them).  The 3rd game was "Bean There Done That" and they had to transfer beans from one plate to another using only a straw to suck them up and drop them. 
Transferring beans in "Bean There, Done That"
Another table playing "Bean There Done That"
 The 4th game was the Cookie Challenge and they started with an oreo cookie on their forehead and they had 1 minute to wiggle their face to maneuver the cookie into their mouth without using hands.

Jaden's class trying to move the cookie across their face and into their mouth.  HILARIOUS!!!
The last game was "Thread the Noodle" and they had to thread penne noodles onto a spaghetti noodle without using their hands.  They had to hold the spaghetti noodle in their mouth and then thread the penne.  It was a blast!!!

After the games, I gave out Candy Awards (found on the internet) and gave each kid a certificate with a matching candy bar ... like M&M award for being "Mighty and Marvelous" or Milky Way for having ideas that are out of the world and so on and so on.  It was really cute and super fun!!

Today was their last day and it was only a half day of school.  They had an assembly and watched a movie and basically just played all day.  A great way to end a great year!!  They came home with stellar report cards and we celebrated with friends over lunch.  It was a great day!!

At the clubhouse on the last day of school.  Officially KG and 2nd grade!  Yikes!!!

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