Sunday, June 8, 2014

The end of the year is HERE!!! -- Nicholas Update

Today was Jaden's last Sunday of 1st grade and Nicholas' last Sunday of PreK.  In just 4 days, another school year is over and we will have a 2nd grader and KG-er on our hands!!  Today was "step up" day at the boys school ... Jaden spent part of the day in a 2nd grade classroom and Nicholas spent part of his day in a Kindergarten class.  They loved seeing how things might be different next year. 

Nicholas had his portfolio day last Thursday.  All the parents were invited and they showcased a giant portfolio of their work from throughout the year.  It amazes me to see how much he has grown and how much he has learned and accomplished this year!!!  The teacher also showed a slide show while we had snacks.  They made it a very special occasion for the end of the school year...

PreK - G ... Mrs. Garber's Class.  It was hard getting a picture of everyone standing still.  They were all so excited to have their parents in the class room, they couldn't help themselves.

Nicholas was surprised and excited that Ken took the day off and came to portfolio day. 

The many faces of Nicholas...

After school, Jaden was invited to a going away party for his friend Jakob.  We've spent many afternoons playing with Jakob this year and we're sad to say good bye.  His family is moving to Milan, Italy over the summer.  Nicholas was feeling a little left out since he wasn't invited to the going away party at the bowling alley, so we set up the slip n' slide to distract him.  I think it worked.  He had a BLAST!!!
More silly faces from Nicholas.  He was so happy he couldn't stand it!

And Nicholas' other big news this week is that he can now swing all by himself!!  He was so proud of himself.  He had to have me video him.  Never mind it was 6:30pm and pitch black out!!  Enjoy the super dark video!

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