Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer in the states - weeks 1 and 2

We've had an amazing summer in the states!  Over 4 weeks in St. Louis, 4 days in Banff (Canadian Rockies) and nearly 3 weeks in Houston this year ... a total of 8 weeks all together!  We enjoyed the MOST BEAUTIFUL weather in St. Louis!!!  It was unusually cool with highs in the 70s!!  Awesome!!!  It allowed us to spend lots of time playing outside and it made me want to move back to St. Louis like you wouldn't believe!!!  We spent lots of time catching up with family and friends and Ken and I also got away for 4 days to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (which is this September).  It's been a great visit, but we will be ready to head home next week ... I love seeing everyone, but I'm tired of living out of a suitcase!

Now for the pictures ... get ready, I'm sure there are WAY too many!!
Week 1 was spent in Houston ... recovering from jet lag, catching up with Ken's family and seeing all our doctors.  Praise God all our visits went well this year!!!  No follow-ups for anyone!!  Ken surprised us with a last minute business trip to Houston, so he was with us that first week.  He had to work all day, but we enjoyed our evenings together. 

The boys were used to playing soccer after school everyday in Doha and it continued that first week in Houston.  They were still acclimated to the extreme heat, so the Houston weather didn't stop anyone!

Soccer in the side yard ... let the games begin!
Cousins Tiffany and Alex face off ... who will get the ball??

Uncle Antoine joins the game and goes down!  Goal for team Doha!

Week 2 was spent at summer camp at the Magic House in St Louis.  We have always enjoyed going to the Magic House and their camp was fantastic!  The boys loved every minute and I was able to get a lot of my shopping done without having to drag them along.  A win win for everyone!  :-)

Day 1 at Camp Magic House.

Day 5 at Camp Magic House - still smiling!  Nicholas had a great time!

Jaden's class had a little science experiment presentation for parents on Day 5.  He had so much fun! 

Jaden and his new friend performing their science experiment for the parents at the end of camp.

Can you see Jaden and Nicholas' faces pushed through on the peg board

The boys played on this exhibit forever, pushing the pegs back and forth.  They thought it was hilarious to put their faces in!

Our cousin Spencer joined us to play at the Magic House after camp was over for the week.

Nicholas trying to enclose himself in the giant bubble maker!

Jaden's turn on the giant bubble maker.

Outside the Magic House was one of 250 cakes all over the city of St Louis this summer to celebrate the city's birthday.  We saw several, but definitely not all 250!  :-)

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