Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grace J.O.U.R.N.E.Y.

Angela and I hosted our first year end party for the children's ministry at Grace Fellowship.  We invited all the children, their families, the volunteers and staff.  I wasn't sure what kind of response to expect since this is a first and it's a very busy time of year.  I hoping to get 50 people to attend and we had over 100!!  God is good!!  We kicked off with 2 songs of praise and then we gave appreciation gifts to all our staff and volunteers.  We also gave promotion certificates to the children moving up from one class to the next.  And the parents got a laminated prayer calendar with 31 days of prayer for your child.  After the ceremony, we enjoyed a huge ice cream sundae bar!  It was great fun!!!

We also unveiled our new name for the children's ministry.  We wanted a name that represented life in Doha - a journey for many from around the world.  We also wanted a name that represented our life in Christ - a journey of growth in our faith.  So we named it Grace J.O.U.R.N.E.Y.  which stands for Jesus Our Ultimate Redeemer offers Never Ending life for You!

That's me at the front asking the kids to raise their hands if they wanted ice cream!  :-)
We had a great turnout for the party!  Over 100 people all together!

Why is this upside down??  The picture is not upside down when I open it from explorer!  Only on this silly blog!!!  Sorry!  But you get the "picture".  :-)  This is my new favorite gift to make for people at church.  I made this one for Angela - our Friday School Coordinator in appreciation of all she has done this year. 
Jaden's teachers also gave out Bibles to everyone in the Camels class (6-7 year olds) on Friday.  Since this is the age children begin to read, they wanted them each to have their own Bible to read at home.  Jaden read the entire way to the ice cream party and couldn't wait to get back to it when we came home.  That night we had some extra time to play and he says, "I'm going to read the Bible ... I'm at the part where God floods the earth and Noah is in the ark."  So sweet!!! 

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