Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am my Father's Daughter

I remember as a child my dad struggling with all the electronics in our house.  It wasn't until the world switched to the DVD player that he finally mastered the VCR and he had to start all over again.  By the time he figured out the DVD player, the world changed to Netflix and DVRs.  He could never keep up with all the changes and I must admit it was a tiny source of frustration and embarrassment to me that my dad (who knew every answer on Jeopardy) couldn't work the VCR!!!  Well I owe my dad a huge apology!!  For I am most certainly my father's daughter!!!  I can NOT keep up with all the changing technology!!  It's supposed to make our life easier, but why do I feel like such a fool?!! 

Before you read further, please don't judge me for how very far behind the times that I live ... 

My project for the year was to convert all my CDs into digital files on my iTunes account (which was actually very easy to do praise God).  Unfortunately, once I got them on my iTunes and then on my iPhone, I couldn't get them to play on my car!!!  Bluetooth what???!!!  Embarrassed to admit it took me months to figure it out, but I finally did!!!  And yay!!!  After nearly 2 years in a country with only 1 English speaking radio station, I finally have music in my car!!!  :-)

But that was just the start of my troubles ... this week I've been determined to link and sync all our devices in preparation for the summer.  I want to be able to access my files and my music from everywhere.  I started with my laptop.  Ken put all our files on Google drive last year and it's a great way to access our files between all our devices, but we have a new laptop and I thought I'd tackle the job myself.  Bad idea.  I don't know what I did, but the laptop was completely frozen.  Had to reboot and try again ... except the same result.  I'm determined, so I rebooted and tried again.  5 times later, I put the laptop aside and Ken fixed it up for me in about 20 minutes that night.  Why does he make things look so simple???  He is my electronic hero!!

Next step was to download some new (free) aps on the iPhone for the boys on the 16 hr flight to Houston.  I tried downloading the game Nicholas wanted, but we didn't have space on the iPad, so I clicked on the link that took me to storage and we went through a long list of aps and deleted the ones we no longer play.  It was very easy and I was proud to be able to handle this without Ken.  When we were finished, I went back to download his choice and the iPad was completely frozen.  There is no control-alt-delete and nothing I did made it power down.  :-(  We had to wait for the battery to run out.  Of course Ken got home before that happened and he fixed it in minutes.  (Apparently you press and hold both the front button and the power button at the same time to force a reboot).

So this morning I decided to buy a few new songs on iTunes and sync my phone ... yep froze the iPhone in the process!!!  So in 3 days, I've screwed up the laptop, iPad and the iPhone.  Do you see why I am my father's daughter??!!!  I just can't seem to ever make them work!!! 

So dad, I owe you a public apology for all the times I teased you and rolled my eyes at you for not being able to work the VCR.  I get it now!! 

Happy Father's Day Dad!  Love you!! 

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