Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jaden's toe saga

So last weekend, Jaden tells me his right baby toe hurts.  It looked red and irritated, but I didn't know what may have been wrong.  I had him go to the school nurse and she couldn't see anything wrong either.  I could tell it was really hurting, so I made an apt with a pediatrician.  Her first available was the next day at 6pm, so when he woke up with a blister full of puss on his foot, I sent him to school in flip flops and planned to take him to the doctor after school.  More than anything I wanted to pop it, but I didn't since we already had a dr appointment and I was afraid it was an ingrown toe nail.  He comes home from school, limping off the bus, and it's 4 times the size as it was that morning!  It was so gross!!!  We went to the pediatrician and were happy to find out it wasn't an in grown toe nail, just an abscess, but SHE WOULDN'T CUT AND DRAIN IT!!!  She said she wasn't comfortable doing it herself and I asked if she wanted me to??  Isn't this like Mom 101??  She quickly assured me, no that I had to go to the ER where they have the "proper" tools.  Are you kidding me???  So I call a friend and she convinces me to go to the pediatric ER just to be sure it's not an ingrown toe nail.  So off to the ER.  After several stations, we finally see the doctor who tells us it was just an abscess and needs to be cut and drained.  Great!  That's why we're here.  Doctor proceeds to say, he can't do it here!  WHAT??  Apparently it's deemed a surgical procedure and the pediatric ER is not a surgical center.  He wanted me to take him to the adult ER.  It's now 8pm and there is NO WAY I'm waiting in line at the ER to pop a blister!!!!  We went home and I took care of it myself -- just call me Dr. Mom, blister "surgeon".  Jaden felt better instantly!!!  Poor kid suffered all day when I should have just followed my instinct that morning and popped it right away!!!  Only in Doha are the doctors not qualified to pop and drain a blister!!!
Waiting in the ER to see the doctor ... all for nothing!  Should have used this time to give him the haircut he DESPARATELY needs!!!  Would you look at that mop??!!!

This is the blister no one would pop.  What's the big deal?  Sterilize needle, pop, drain, slather in antibiotic cream and bandage.  Is that so hard???

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