Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jaden's Piano Recital

Jaden performed in his very first piano recital last week!!  We're so proud of his efforts at the piano!!  Amazingly, he practices every day without any complaint.  He really seems to enjoy learning how to play!!  For the recital, he played Three Blind Mice and Turkey in the Straw.  I was afraid he would be nervous so we invited friends over to play after school and they left right as we were leaving for the recital.  He didn't have a chance to think about the recital and he went in and was second to perform. 

He didn't seem to be nervous at all but afterward he said he was nervous, but he "just pretended like he was playing in our living room."  So smart!!!
Ready to play
Playing at his first recital
Isn't it nice to have friends with great cameras??  Love this close up!!!

Mrs. Ellen (in the blue skirt) with all her students



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