Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Picture Update

I was trying to get some work done on the laptop the other day and when I looked up, this is what I saw!  Not sure if they were coming to attack me or protect me.  Funny boys!!

Jaden and Nicholas strike a "strong man" pose on the front porch.

So about 4 years ago, our dear friend Maria, gave the boys these pajamas for Christmas.  At the time, they were entirely too big, but the boys loved them and wore them all Christmas season.  That first Christmas, they were rolled up and safety pinned in order to keep them up.  Each year since, we roll and pin them a little less.  This year, the beloved snowman pajamas finally fit!!!  I look forward to watching them continue to wear them in the future even as they grow out of them.  And yes, that is a hot chocolate mustache on Nicholas.  As the weather turns cold here (low 70s), hot chocolate becomes a family favorite! 

Trying to get a decent picture of the boys in front of the Christmas tree proves to be a challenge this year!  Here's attempt number one ... wearing the beloved snowman pajamas...
We started off well with just Jaden
We even got a decent picture of just Nicholas ...
But put them together and it's near impossible to get them both to look at the camera and smile!
At this point, we started to lose control of the "photo shoot."  I have NO IDEA what they are doing here!

And once the giggles set in, forget it!  It's all just a blur!

All dressed up for the RasGas gala (Ken's work)
In front of the Christmas tree at the St. Regis hotel.  From this angle, we look really tall!!  Thank you bell boy at the St. Regis!

Boys have a blast creating different tracks with the marble run set Co Mai gave them for Christmas!!  A great toy!!!!

 We're back in front of the Christmas tree, trying once again to get a good picture of the boys ...
Nicholas was NOT in a good mood!  But this captures his pout perfectly!
Clearly Nicholas was NOT interested in this photo shoot.  Dozens of pictures, and this is the best we could get!!
Several hours later, and we're back in front of the tree!  This time Nicholas is in a much better mood!!!  I think we finally got one we can use of our annual photo book.  Now I just need to find the time to put the book together!!


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