Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread houses

It's Christmas Eve!!  This morning, we made gingerbread houses with friends Kathy & Kasia and their kiddos George, Quentin, and Vivian.  What a great time!!  Kathy made the gingerbread and it was delicious!!!  Stiff enough to build a house, but still soft enough to enjoy.  So yummy!!! 

The kids had a great time "gluing" candy onto their houses!  Of course I think they ate more than they put on the house, but that's the fun of making ginger bread houses right?
Finished product ... Great job boys!

Backside of the Doan house

Vivian, Quentin, George, Jaden & Nicholas ... happy kids all on a sugar high!!

We came home, had a bite to eat for dinner and the boys had a major sugar crash!  We watched the Grinch that Stole Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Carol and I thought for sure the boys were going to take a nap. 

Instead, they got their second wind and decided to build a reading cave/fort under the stairs ... inspired by the one George had at his house.  Great idea!!!  A secret hideout with pillows, blankets, and a pile of books.  Genius!!

Jaden and Nicholas' Reading Cave

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