Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas! Home School Day...

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas this year.  The boys woke up early as usual and we wasted no time tearing through presents.  We got them a wii this year, so you can guess how we spent the rest of our Christmas day.  As nice as it was, we very much missed being around our families and all the craziness of family gatherings over the holidays.  Thankfully we have Skype and FaceTime, so we could wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

After all of 3 days playing with their new toys, the boys decided they were bored and ready to head back to school.  They begged me to have a "Home School Day."  So we set up the dining room chairs and rode our pretend school bus promptly at 7:30am on Saturday morning.  We set up a schedule with 10 activities each lasting ~30 minutes plus a snack break and a lunch break.  We had PE, reading, recess, science, art, writing, free choice, math, music, and computers.  We didn't finish until after 3pm!!  I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!!  How do teachers do this everyday?  The boys absolutely loved it!!! 

I'm still deciding if the success is good news or bad news.  I love that they enjoy school so much and that they would rather be productive and learn something over play mindless video games forever.  But the bad news is that they had so much fun, they wanted to do it again the very next day!!!  Was I ever so grateful to receive a text from a friend inviting us over to play the following day!  Saved me from organizing another home school day right away!

Crazy kids!!! 

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