Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ken's parents have arrived!

Ken's parents arrived in Doha late Saturday night and we look forward to spending lots of time together over the next 3 weeks.  Ken's dad is looking forward to attending the annual Doha International Tennis Tournament this week and getting close to the courts to watch some big names in tennis.  ExxonMobil is one of the primary sponsors so we have complimentary tickets for several of the nights. 

Speaking of tennis, Ken tried to play some tennis against his dad this morning and even at 75 years of age, his dad still has it!!  Ken came home a sweaty mess while Mr. Doan looked like he just went for a stroll in the park!  Way to go Mr. Doan!!!

But his parents almost didn't make it out of the airport!  The Doha airport is currently under construction ... when you exit the airplane you walk down a set of stairs onto the tarmac and board a shuttle bus.  The first stop is for arrivals ... people staying in Doha.  The second stop is for transfers ... people travelling through Doha to their final destination.  Qatar Airways even tags your carry on bags in Houston yellow if you're transferring and blue if you're staying in Doha (I may have that backwards, but you understand right?).  Well apparently Qatar Airways in Houston tagged their carry on bags with the wrong color!  So when they tried to get off the shuttle bus to arrive and stay in Doha, they wouldn't let them off the shuttle.  They rode the shuttle to the transfer terminal where Mr. and Mrs. Doan explained again that they needed the other stop.  So they got a full tour of the airport! 

Meanwhile Ken was getting a bit worried.  The rest of their flight arrived in immigration and there was no sign of Mr. and Mrs. Doan.  Ken had paid for an additional service operator to escort them on the shuttle and through immigration, but they didn't know where Mr. and Mrs. Doan were at!!  Somehow Mr. and Mrs. Doan boarded the shuttle without ever seeing the escort service operator!

A crazy mix up, but it all ended well.  They arrived all smiles and we look forward to a great 3 weeks together!!  I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to follow, but none tonight! 

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