Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Boys recent activities...

It's been a busy week for the boys.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Ken's sister Mai arrived with her friend Nancy for a 2 week visit.  We've been having fun showing them around Doha, but the boys still have all their regular school and afterschool activities going on as well.  This post is about the boys activities.  I'll post pictures and stories from Mai's visit next week...
Jaden's Grade 1 concert last week was a celebration of holidays around the world.  Some classes dressed in Abayas and Thobes representing Arabic EID celebration, some classes dressed in jeans and colorful scarves representing Mexican Los Pasado, and Jaden's class dressed in Halloween costumes representing Denmark's Fastelavn.  I had trouble loading the videos, but they weren't great quality anyway, so you probably aren't missing much.  I'll try again later for my die hard followers.  :-)

Jaden's class representing Denmark's Fastelavn holiday
Jaden and Nicholas received their blue belts in Karate last week as well ...

Congratulations boys!

And to finish the week, the boys performed Silent Night at church with all the Friday School kids.  Trying to find the boys in the video is a bit like playing where's Waldo?  :-)  Nicholas is a bit easier as he happened to be lined up close to where we were sitting, but Jaden was a little farther away and tucked behind some other children too.  Enjoy!


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