Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mai and Nancy's visit - dune bashing

Of course, we had to take Mai and Nancy out into the desert for some dune bashing!!  So much fun!!!  Our driver this time was so much tamer than the one we had last year.  Last year was insane the way he drove up, over, and down the dunes.  He was a wild man!!  This year, our driver was much more safe!!!  We all really enjoyed the trip.

Mai and Nancy riding the camels

Jaden and Nicholas ride together

Mai and Jaden at the inland sea


Me and my babies

My love...

Mai at inland sea, boys are the tiny dots racing down the dune to the water

Desert flower ... apparently this is a rare sighting at this time of year.  They sprouted early because we got some pretty strong rains a couple of weeks ago.
Beach time!  (it was a beautiful sunny day, but the water was cold)

Family photo at the beach

Isn't the beach amazing here?!!!

Boys decide to climb a small dune...
We made it!!  After making it to the top, they slide back down on their bottoms, only to repeat over and over again.  They had a blast!!!!  And they came home with underwear full of sand!!!  :-)

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