Monday, June 11, 2012

Goodbyes and Contact Info

Goodbyes are never any fun! Which is why I prefer see you next summer! And it's true- we look forward to coming back next summer to visit both Houston and St Louis (and maybe a few extra stops if we can squeeze it all in).

After the packers came and packed everything up, we stuck around Houston a few days for a very sweet and emotional goodbye party at our church. We were given a beautiful canvas subway art representing our Houston years...I was especially moved to see our dear friends Jax and Britton's names included. I also teared up over Radar's name! He was such a wonderful dog!!! It was very sad to return him to the Humane Society, but we weren't able to take him with us. I tell myself we were just his foster family. We adopted him about 1 1/2 years ago and he had both heart worms and intestinal parasites. We nursed him back to good health and hopefully he is much more adoptable now. Another family is going to love him!

We were able to spend a lot of time with Ken's family before driving up to St Louis to see my family. What a week we had -- bowling, six flags, zoo, purina farms (my personal favorite St. Louis attraction), and Dave and busters. I especially enjoyed our day at six flags with Maria and her girls and the night at D&Bs with all my extended family!! Never dreamed so many people would show up to send us off! I love my family!!

We were scheduled to leave St Louis on a 4:15pm flight, but when we arrived at the airport, we immediately realized we forgot a very important bag at my parents house (who live over an hour away from the airport!). We ended up having my brother bring us the bag, but we missed our flight and had to take the next flight. Of course that flight wasn't direct so we ended up getting into Houston late. I figure if that's the worse thing to happen, we did pretty well!

Today we stopped by the house one last time... Almost made me cry thinking about all the wonderful memories inside those walls. But it was quickly replaced with excitement for our adventures ahead! We are looking forward to what ever God has in store for us. This summer will be hot and difficult as we settle in and learn our way around, but at least we will be together. I counted on the calandar and ken was only home for 13 out of a 70 day span. I hate being apart like that!! Together will be much better and it will be fun to explore a part of the world we would otherwise never go!!

Well it's almost time to head to the airport. Guess I'll spell check this post and add pictures later. Very quick I want to include our new contact information.

Mail (letters and cards only):
Ken and Laura Doan
Doha, Qatar
PO Box 4490
Houston, TX 77210

The line Doha, Qatar is required!!

Thanks to Magic Jack, our new home phone has a local Houston number. Just remember we are 8 hrs ahead (of central time). So between about 2pm and 9pm central time, we will be asleep!
The number is: 713-570-9007

And of course email and Facebook won't change:
Facebook: Laura west Doan

Okay, We're out of here... See you all next summer, unless you come visit before that!!

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