Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jet lag is no fun!

Praise God the boys did AWESOME on the plane! They watched a couple of movies, slept for about 7 hrs, and then watched a couple more movies and then we landed! It couldn't have gone better! Getting through customs and immigration was a breeze thanks to the ExxonMobil service.

We saw our first nationals. The men wear white robes and head dresses showing their face and the women wear black and cover their face. We walked out beside a man, his 2 wives, and a little Asian servant girl pushing all their luggage.

It was warm when we arrived, but not too hot. Probably because it was night time. It was almost 8pm when we arrived and it was pitch black. Ken tells me the sun sets around 6:30 and the sun was up by 4:30 this morning!

Of course since the kids slept so well on the plane, they had no interest in bedtime. I finally got them to sleep and they woke up just 3 hours later. Guess their bodies said it was nap time, not bed time. I couldn't convince them to go back to bed, so we all got up. :-(. We were all exhausted by mid morning and naps lasted longer than I should have allowed. How long will this take to adjust? Hopefully only another day or two!

I'll post some pictures soon...

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