Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally Some Pictures!

Things seem to be starting to settle into a more normal routine here.  The boys are finally sleeping through the night and taking their normal naps.  The jet lag induced haze has finally lifted.  Yeah!!  We still don't get out too much, but we've met several people around the complex.  We go to the pool most everyday - we were going in the mornings, but then we found out most others go in the evenings.  So now we go in the evenings. 

We went out to lunch today with the Pegasus Club - a social club for ExxonMobil expatriates.  Most of the activities are for the spouses.  We met tons of people and lots of kids.  It was a wonderful outing!!  Everyone is so super nice and helpful!!!  Makes the transition much easier!!

We haven't done many picture worthy things yet, but I wanted to include a few from our first week or so.  Hopefully we'll start getting out and about a bit more in the weeks ahead, but it all takes so much time here.  I have to get my residential permit before I can get my driver's license.  And with Ramadan around the corner (starts July 20), if I don't get it all done by then, I'm out of luck until Ramadan ends (Aug 18).  The paperwork has been submitted, so all we can do is pray and wait ... until then I will continue to use the driver service as needed.

Now for the much anticipated pictures .... sorry I don't have more...

The boys loved their fancy chairs and private TVs with headphones in business class!!!

We made it!!  So happy to see our new house and finally be out of the plane!

Our first dinner in our new house.

Nicholas loves his "sink," but we only have the bidet in the master bathroom. 
He asked us, "why do you get the sink that's just my size?" 

Swimming in the pool on the clubhouse roof.  We have it all to ourselves most mornings. 

After our air shipment arrived, the boys room looks a bit more like home.  The twin beds here are wider than they are at home, so the bedding doesn't fit perfect, but good enough. 

A little piece of Texas for the boys bathroom.  They were super excited! 
(Although, I still can't believe I bought all of this Texas stuff!!!)

Jet lag is tough when you're only 3 ... Nicholas fell asleep on the stairs.

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