Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nicholas found the only puddle in all of Doha!

We went on our first errand yesterday to turn in the paperwork enrolling Nicholas in his preschool for next year.  I was a little nervous, but all went well ... almost...

Since I don't have a driver's license or car yet, I hired a taxi to take us to Nicholas' school.  I was successul in getting a gate access card for our complex (and met a few neighbors along the way).  We found the school and had a rather lengthy tour.  Boys behaved very well and all was good.  Nicholas was definitely getting sleepy and we needed to get back for his nap.  He stepped off the curb to climb back into the taxi, but this is a kid who can NEVER resist stomping in a puddle.  Apparently the school had just watered their landscaping and a bit of a mud puddle had formed along the curb.  Somehow Nicholas managed to trip over his own two feet and he landed flat in the mud puddle.  We're talking covered in mud from his shoulders to his toes!!!  Poor kid!!!  I swear, the only puddle in all of Doha! I had to take him back inside, strip him down, and wash him off ... mud even made it in his underwear!!!  The school found us some clean dry clothes and we were off.  I so wanted to take a picture, but was afraid it might have been too mean!  :-)

Let's see what today brings...

Please don't think all our days are terrible ... just sharing the funny moments.  Love you all!

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