Friday, May 18, 2012

Nicholas' Really Bad Day!

Oh the perils of a preschooler!!!  Today was the boys last day of school and as I was entering Nicholas' classroom, his teacher stops me and pulls me aside to warn me that Nicholas was going to say he had a bad day.  Sure enough, as soon as he saw me, he put on his very best pout, stomped over to me and said, "I had a really bad day!!"  Why you ask??  Apparently it was 2 things - first, he couldn't find Jaden on stage during the end of year program.  He told his teacher "I don't think that was a very good program.  I couldn't even see Jaden" and then he proceeded to cry for 10 minutes.  Nicholas is crazy attached to his big brother - most of the time it's a blessing to witness the love between them, but sometimes it can get a little ridiculous.  And then, after the disastrous program, they went back to their classroom and played Candyland, but Nicholas didn't get to be the blue guy!!  Oh NO!!!  He had to be ... green??  GASP!!!  What ever will we do??!!!  Like he said, it was "a really bad day!"

At least yesterday balanced it out ... I've never seen Nicholas happier!!!  All year long, all he has wanted was to be part of Jaden's class - and yesterday, his dream came true!!  Together we went to Jaden's End of Year Program and then his class party.  Of course, the best part of the whole thing were the water games at the end!!  Who knew a couple of buckets and sponges could be so fun???  The kids has a BLAST!!!  Here are a few pics...

Jaden's last day of school...

Ready for some water games!!

Pass the sponge!!

Nicholas' turn!


Another funny Nicholas story ... he randomly started going around the house hitting things and saying "Bam It!!"  I have no idea where he got this from, but you can imagine the way it sounds when it comes out.  The first time I heard him, I stopped and asked, "what did you just say?"  My little smartie pants looks at me and says, "Bam it!  You know b-b-b-bam it!!!  Like when you hit something and it goes Bam!"  I just let it drop.  No need to tell him that it sounds like anything else ... right?  That night at dinner, he does it again, "Bam it!"  Except this time, Jaden was there and he asks the same thing "what did you just say?"  Nicholas gave him the same answer, except Jaden explains how "Bam It!" sounds a lot like "damn it" and "damn it" is not a nice thing to say.  He went on and on and on.  I sat there stunned!  I didn't even know Jaden knew those words!!!  How do these kids pick up all of this stuff up?!!  At least Jaden knew it was a bad word and that we don't talk like that!!!  Smart kids I tell you!!

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  1. LOL..I just love these little guys !! I always wished you all where here in Missouri with us...but your gonna be further. Glad there is internet !! :)