Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Soccer Season

The boys are really enjoying their soccer league this season.  Nicholas played especially well last weekend and I even managed to capture a few good shots (although from a distance ... we need a better camera!)

Nicholas gets the ball out from the pack
Nicholas runs the ball down the field
Big kick and GOAL!!!
Since Nicholas' team had a few extra kids and were controlling most of the field, the coach tried to get Nicholas and his friend Jaydon to join the other team to help them out.  Neither of them wanted to switch teams, so Jaden (our Jaden) jumped in to play with the other team.  As a 1st grader on a team full of pre-school kids, Jaden quite literally ran circles around the kids.  I told him he could play but he couldn't score.  He could defend and carry the ball up the field but he had to pass if off to his team when ever possible.  He tried really hard to pass it off, but often there was no one for him to pass it too.  At first, some of the kids on Nicholas' team seemed a intimidated to play against Jaden, but not Nicholas - he used to playing against Jaden.  It was great to see them play against each other ...

Jaden joins the opposing team and runs the ball up the field ... that's Nicholas sprint to get in front of him and defend his goal

Nicholas is not afraid to get in there and get the ball away from Jaden

Brother vs. Brother

Game's over ... snack time!

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