Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Adventure Begins!

Before we even get settled into our new routine with me working, we have added to the family!  Welcome Maps! 

This adorable little kitten was found in one of the backyards on our compound and some friends of ours have been caring for her while looking for a permanent home.  They approached Ken at church last Friday to see if we were interested in adopting her.  We met her the following day and brought her home the day after that.  She really is the cutest and sweetest little thing!  All black with just a bit of white on her chest and belly.  She can be crazy playful which the boys love, although we need to trim her claws!  We've had a blast playing with her and getting to know her this week!  Jaden and Nicholas are trying to teach her how to sit on command.  Love it! 

I'm not really certain why our friends gave her the name Maps, but the boys don't seem interested in changing her name, so Maps it is!  It works for our map loving family!  :-)

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