Friday, February 21, 2014

Missed Opportunity

Funny story to share about a major missed opportunity at church this morning!  I just gained access to the gated lot at the church and we were parking in it for the first time.  As we were pulling in we noticed several police cars parked in the street and found it unusual.  Then we noticed several local men in their thobes and a lot of security in the parking lot.  We were most surprised to see all the Muslim men wandering around the Christian church compound, but I saw my friend heading inside and wanted to catch up with her.  We were early for church so Ken and the boys stayed in the car while I headed inside to help set up for children's church.

Once inside our helpers were all in a buzz and asked me if I saw him?  Saw who??  Prince Charles!!!  What??!!!!  Yes apparently I WALKED RIGHT PAST PRINCE CHARLES this morning!!!!  No idea why he was in Doha, but he attended the Anglican service that met right before our church service and then stuck around to shake hands with people and have pictures taken.  The one lady pulled out her cell phone and showed me the picture she snapped of Prince Charles.  I couldn't believe it!!

Since Ken was still in the car with the boys, I called and told him to keep his eyes open for Prince Charles and maybe they would see him before he left.  It took Ken a moment to realize which one was Prince Charles since he was looking for Prince William or Prince Harry, not their father!  Clearly Ken isn't into British royalty!!  But he thoughtfully grabbed his cell phone and switched it to video to take a video of Prince Charles standing in front of our church.  Wish I could share said video, but sadly Ken forgot to hit the start button.  So he videoed NOTHING!!! 

Don't you just love our clueless family??!!! 

At least I can always say I was this close to Prince Charles.  I literally walked right past him!!!

As we were leaving, I stopped to stand in the very spot Prince Charles was in when I walked past him!

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