Sunday, February 9, 2014

ASD Sports Day and Favorite Book Character Day

Last week was another busy week at ASD. 

On Tuesday, the boys celebrated ASD Sports Day with an full morning of fun games outside.  I surprised them and stopped by to check it out and I was so glad I did!  What an amazing and fun day!  The entire school (preK through high school) is outside or in the gym playing various games.  The music is blasting and every few minutes the loudspeaker counts down and every one rotates to a new station.  It's really well organized and so much fun!  Plus there are 1-2 volunteers from the US Military Base that help at each station.  I think they enjoy spending the day outside with the kids as much as the kids enjoy it!!  I didn't get to stay for very long but I was able to snap a few pictures ...
I walked onto campus and saw Nicholas right away.  He was playing tug o war with his class.  FUN!
Jaden was harder to find, but I finally found his class ... egg relays
Keeping track of both classes as they rotated around all the different stations was a tough job, but I managed to find Nicholas again at the 3 legged race!

This was a fun hula hoop game with music.  Everyone dances to the music and when it stops, you have to find a hula hoop to stand in.  Just like musical chairs they kept taking one away until the entire class was trying to all stand in one hula hoop!  So funny!!!


Nicholas' turn at the egg relay

The boys had a blast at ASD Sports Day and they came home and spent the entire afternoon playing soccer and street hockey outside.  It was a long day outside ... thank goodness this is the nice time of year!  :-)

It was also Reading Week at ASD and they had several special activities to encourage reading.  On Thursday, they got to dress up as their favorite book character.  I thought we did a brilliant(ly easy) job with Nicholas ... he loves the "Fly Guy" book series.  They are about a boy named Buzz who has a fly for a pet.  Nicholas just happens to have a tiny fly stuffed animal, so we found a little jar and drew a little bed to put inside (just like the books) and he wore a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and a ball cap (just like the main character always wears in the books).  It was super cute! 

Jaden couldn't decide who to go as (he doesn't ever have favorites ... he always likes everything).  So in the end he wanted to wear his karate gi.  So we decided to make him Sensei Wu from the Ninjago books and we made a hat and a beard to go with it.  He was happy.

Favorite book characters ... Sensei Wu from Ninjago and Buzz from Fly Guy

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