Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swimming Progress

I tried to take videos of the boys during their swimming lessons to show Ken their progress, but apparently I’m not allowed to take videos during class.  :-(  So after class was over, we used a little corner of the pool to take some videos.  Jaden and Nicholas have both come a long way in swimming since we moved to Doha!  We spend a lot of time in the pool, so I guess it just comes with the territory.  Jaden can easily out swim me in the freestyle.  We did 6 laps in the pool yesterday – I was huffing and puffing, he wanted to keep going!  Jaden’s backstroke also looks great and he can do several laps although not always so straight!  His lessons these days are mostly focused on improving his breaststroke. 

Nicholas blows me away – he still doesn’t have his side breath mastered and so it doesn’t always look pretty, but he can swim laps too!!  Jaden could barely put his face in the water at 4 years of age and Nicholas can swim full laps in the pool!!  Crazy!!  He continues to work on his side breath and backstroke during his lessons.

Jaden swiming freestyle


Jaden's breaststroke

Nicholas' freestyle and backstroke

Love the belly flops!

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