Friday, June 7, 2013

Nicholas’ End of Year Program

Nicholas’ nursery school held their end of year program this week.  Ken took the day off and we got there early so as not to miss it again (remember I got stuck in traffic and missed his foreign language concert).  Nicholas can definitely be on the shy side around new people and new experiences, but I’m happy to say there is no shyness at all up on stage!!!  There may be some of me in him after all!!!  Not sure if it will be clear in the videos, but he was definitely the loudest singer in his class.  He was smiling and dancing and having a great time!!

Happy family after the program:


The nursery staff did a great job making the background stage:


Nicholas dancing away to the Hokey Pokey:


The knee knocking was my favorite move:

knee claps

Smile for the camera:


Nicholas has learned to snap this year and it’s become quite a little habit … he snaps all the time now!


And here are the videos…

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