Monday, June 17, 2013

Jaden's Grasshopper Party

I had so much fun organizing Jaden's end of year party at school!  I even let Nicholas skip school so he could be part of the festivities!  Jaden's class were called the Grasshoppers all year, so I put together a grasshopper themed party for his class.  I wish I had taken pictures during the party, but I was too busy playing with the kids and I completely forgot!  :-(

I made grasshopper party hats for all the kids ...
Jaden models grasshopper hat after I made them at home

grasshopper class listening to story while games are set up

For the party, I set up 4 stations ... I love pinterest for game ideas!!
1.  Bug bingo game - roll the dice and add the 2 numbers, first to get Bingo wins a spoon full of rocks (yes I found chocolate rocks at the Souq!)
2.  Gone buggy game - first to fill their "jar" with 7 plastic bugs wins.  But don't roll a fly swatter / bug spray or you lose 1 bug / your whole jar!
3.  Draw a grasshopper game - add parts of the grasshopper to your drawing depending on what number you roll
4.  Build a grasshopper craft using plastic easter eggs, pipe cleaners, and other odds and ends.  Plus I found LED tea lights to put inside so the bugs glow!  I think the lights were the kids favorite part!!

We ended the stations with a bug movement game (march like and ant, jump like a grasshopper, etc, etc). 

For dessert I made a chocolate mint flavored "grasshopper" cake.

It was crazy fun!!  I'm going to miss Jaden's class and his amazing teacher!!!  It was a fantastic year!!!

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  1. Thank you! My Sunday School preschoolers are making these this Sunday as a craft to go with a lesson on John the Baptist. So cute!