Friday, June 7, 2013

Green belts

The boys earned their green belts in karate last week!  So in one school year, they went from white to yellow to orange 1 to orange 2 to green 1.  Way to go boys!!  Nicholas continues to be the coaches favorite student ... I think because he's so tiny and so attentive.  Most 4 year olds wiggle and giggle through practice, but not Nicholas - he never misses a thing!!  And Jaden still loves to show off his middle splits and high kicks ... look out Rockettes!


Jaden showing off his splits:


Boys with Sensei Abdul:


Video clip from the test for their green belts, check out Jaden’s kick which start around 0:55:

This next video clip is from their practice last week.  These partner jumps are my absolute favorite thing to watch!  First Jaden jumps over Nicholas – knocking Nicholas down most every time.  Sensei tries to tell Nicholas to be strong.  Then Nicholas tries to jump over Jaden – HILARIOUS!!!  Bless his heart, he tries SO HARD!!!  He is successful once.  It’s the same week after week after week.  It cracks me up!

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