Monday, February 18, 2013

Our first broken bone. :-(

Apparently Nicholas broke his arm this weekend!  I'm such a bad mom!!  We had gone out for Valentine's day and when we came home, the babysitter told us that they were playing and Nicholas fell down pretty hard on his arm.  I didn't think much about it - kids always fall down, right?.  I was sure he was fine. 

All weekend long we could tell his arm was bothering him and he would protect it a bit, but he never cried or said it hurt.  We spent nearly all weekend at the swimming pool and playing street hockey ... not once did he complain that his arm hurt.  We just figured it was twisted or bruised and would be fine in a day or two.  How can you play street hockey with a broken arm??!!

On Sunday, he went to school as usual and again played hockey in the street for hours.  Ken and I were trying to decide if we take him to the doctor or not, when he told us at bedtime that his arm still hurt and he couldn't straighten it all the way.  WHAT??!!!

First thing this morning, we were off to the doctor ... who sent us for x-rays and then to an orthopedic doctor to confirm that it was in fact broken.  They called it a radial head fracture.  So it's fractured right on the end of the bone by his elbow.  They put us in a "splint" for a week.  This "splint" is a plaster cast on the under side of his arm and wrapped in blue tape - looks just like a cast.  And the sling is a hilarious contraption, but it seems to work. 

Nicholas at the hospital after getting his splint.


  1. What a trooper! He looks so cute with his blue splint!! And that sling is hilarious!

  2. I hope Nicholas feels better. On a different subject, were the people of Qatar blown away by your card making abilities for Valentine's Day?