Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nicholas - the Olympian

Tuesday Feb 12 was Qatar's National Sport Day ... a fairly new holiday to encourage diet, exercise, and all around healthy living.  Schools and businesses are closed for the holiday and there were a lot of sport related activities around town.  Nicholas' school got in the spirit by hosting the Olympics.  It was super cute!

Olympic festivities started with a parade - torch and all!

Nicholas in the parade, waving Olympic flag

First event - sack races!

Next up - fill the bucket ... it was a relay and you had to run
across the field, pick up as many balls as you can carry,
run back and fill your team's bucket.

Nicholas carried 3-4 balls at a time

Next event ... tug of war!

After the outdoor events, we went inside for the final event-
Obstacle course!

The Olympics ended with a class song about friends working together

Everyone earned a medal!

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