Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jaden's triathlon

I haven't posted in a while ... there hasn't been much to report.  After a week with a plaster splint, Nicholas had mixed emotions when it came off.  He was so excited to have it taken off, but as soon as the splint was removed, he realized that his elbow still hurt and he wanted the splint back!!  Poor kid!!  It took longer than I expected for him to use his arm again.  He still doesn't have full range of motion back, but it gets a little better each day, so I guess all is well.

The day after he had his cast removed, Jaden came home sick from school.  Turned out to be scarlet fever!  :-(  We were trapped inside for 6 days!!  As soon as he got on antibiotics, the rash and fever all disappeared, but the doctor wanted us to stay inside until he was rash free for 48 hrs!  Good thing my kids are both home bodies.  They really handled it all in stride ... I was the one going stir crazy!!  But we all survived.  Everyone is back at school and regular activities.

This past Saturday, Jaden's school hosted a "Just Tri It" Triathlon for kids of all ages.  It was ridiculously well organized and a TON of fun!!!  Jaden swam one time across the pool (Jaden was the only one to do backstroke), rode his bike 500m, and ran for 500m.  It was super cute.  Nothing was timed and everyone got a certificate.  He did a great job!

Finishing his lap on the bike

Running around the field ... on his way to the finish line!
Getting his certificate

At the finish line

After the race, we celebrated with burgers and fries at Johnny Rockets with Jaden's friend Ruhaan.  (Yes Nicholas wore his Power Ranger costume all day.)

Victory celebration with Ruhaan

 Later that evening, we decided to check out a new restaurant (new to us anyway).  It was called Wagamama ... delicious Japanese food at the base of ZigZag Towers.  The courtyard was really very pretty ... too bad it was FREEZING that night (I think the 60s). 
Zig zag tower

Boys being their typical silly selves before dinner

In front of Wagamama

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