Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Letter to Santa

The boys were getting tired after leaving Katara, but I wanted to show my dad the Pearl while we were so close by.  It's a high end retail and housing area right on the water lined with yachts.  Truly spectacular, but the boys were pooped.  We only made it to the Ferrari and Maserati store ... the boys were done for the day.  Before leaving the store, Jaden found a "really cool teddy bear" that he "had to have."  It was a generic teddy bear, nothing special, except it was wearing a Ferrari jacket.  So of course it cost a fortune!!!  I told him no that I wouldn't buy him a 400 riyal teddy bear (over $100).  He was most distraught!  Being tired certainly didn't help me here.  So we went home and he was on a one track mind for the the rest of the night.  He just had to have that bear.  He decided he was going to have another art sale and save up for the bear. 

Then the following morning, I wake him up for school and he pulls out a note from under his pillow.  Apparently he woke up in the middle of the night (4:10 according to Jaden), found paper and pencil from the room my dad was sleeping in, went to the downstairs bathroom so he wouldn't wake anyone up, and wrote a note to Santa Claus!! 

Here is his note asking Santa for 400 riyals (so he can buy that silly bear) ... enjoy the spelling!!

Dear Sanacos (Dear Santa Claus) Pes giv me 400 (Please give me 400 riyal)
Love Jaden

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