Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We started our Saturday morning at swimming lessons.  Jaden has graduated from Level 2 to Level 3/4 and I can’t wait to see his progress.  Nicholas still needs to gain a bit of confidence, but he will get there soon enough.
Nicholas entertains himself with my camera while waiting for Jaden's swim class to finish
After swimming lessons we took Papa to Katara.  The boys wanted to play on the beach playground, so that’s where we started.  Wish I had remembered to take pictures … they had a great time playing on the playground while we watched from outside the fence.  Kids are free, adults cost nearly $7 per person to enter … didn’t see any reason I couldn’t supervise from the fence.  (Maybe I’m just cheap.)  The boys enjoyed playing outside on a glorious day and then we wandered around Katara … a cultural village.  It’s a fairly new part of town designed to look historical with the intention of preserving art and culture of the middle east.  It’s really pretty, but not much to do except look at architecture and eat. 
The boys in the ampitheater
harnessing world
In front of "Harnessing the World" statue
Would be really cool to see a show here ... wish I could ever find a schedule of events!
Traditional dhow boat historically used for pearl diving, now tourism
golden mosque (1)
The Golden Mosque ... is it real gold?  Don't know.  Sure does glitter pretty!
golden mosque (2)
Ahoy mateys!
We found a delicious Egyptian restaurant with bread being made right next to us and I was able to order Kosheri – one of my new favorite dishes!
fresh bread
Lady making bread right next to our table.  Yummy!!

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