Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom & Pam's Visit - Villagio & Trader Vic's

The Villagio Mall was closed when we first moved here.  There had been a tragic fire at the mall over the summer and it has only recently reopened.  Boys immediately saw the gondolas and had to go for a ride!  The interior of the mall looks like you are outside, walking along a canal in Venice with the gondolas running back and forth.  The boys loved it!
Boarding the gondolas
Riding along the canal in the gondola

Gondola ride at the Villagio
 After the gondola ride, we headed to the children's play area ... they have bumper boats, roller coasters, log flume, ferris wheel, bowling alley, lazer tag, trampolines, arcade, etc, etc, etc.  The boys loved the bumper boats ... a first for them!

After all that physical activity at the mall, we treated ourselves to desert.  Boys loved the chocolate fondue!!

For dinner one night, we treated ourselves to Trader Vic's.  It's included as part of the Hilton Hotel, so alcohol is served.  (No alcohol served here unless at a hotel since they cater to foreigners.)  Trader Vic's is home of the original Mai Tai, but it was a bit strong for me.  The boys ordered a "Mocktail" and I asked the waiter if they could put an umbrella or something in the drink to make it look fancy.  What did I do??!!!  Look what they put in the boys drinks!!!!  Boobs and all!!!!


Nicholas thought the booty was hilarious!!

Me and the boys at Trader Vic's

I need work on my silly face, but the boys have it down!

Mom & Ken
 Mom looks a bit red in the pictures ... we spent the morning at the pool.  I think she got a touch of color.  She said it didn't hurt, but she looked a bit like a lobster!

On the way home, we drove past the State Mosque.  I believe it's the largest mosque in Qatar.  It's rather plain looking in the daytime ... just a big concrete structure, but it looks beautiful all lit up at night.

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