Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mom & Pam's visit - Dunebashing

Are you tired of our "stay-cation" stories and pictures?  Hope not because I still have more to share!!

After our stay at the Sealine Resort, we arranged for a tour guide to pick us up and take us out into the desert.  We drove up and down the sand dunes with views of the Arabian Sea most of the way.  Before we took off, we had to deflate our tires. 
Driver (Achmed) deflating the tires

While Achmed was deflating the tires, we took more pictures with the camels.

Driving in the sand felt a little like driving in the snow ... the car slides at times and you have to just go with it.  Sometimes it felt like a roller coaster, sometimes it seemed like we would roll over on our side.  I wish I had taken video clips of some of the first steep inclines ... it was crazy!  Crazy fun!!  The boys thought it was a blast, but I'm not so sure about my mom and my aunt.  There were moments of fear, but after safely down the incline and a huge sigh of relief, it was fun!   

At one point, we caught up with another tour car, so I was able to take some pictures.  We were also in a white Toyota Land Cruiser.  (It's the preferred vehicle for Qatari people.)

Typical shot driving across the desert
Hard to capture just how steep it is...

The boys wanted a picture with Achmed

It doesn't get much prettier than this in the desert

What a good looking family!  :-)

Even better looking extended family!

Boys chasing a desert lizard

Not sure why I find this so pretty, but there's
something about the ripples in the sand that I like

Beyond the inland sea is Saudi Arabia (looks almost mountainous)

Where the sea meets the sand...

Sisters survived the dune bashing and enjoyed the view!

Thanks Achmed for a fantastic trip!!
And here are a couple of very short videos:


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