Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom & Pam's visit - Souk

I was looking forward to taking Mom and Pam to the Souk Waqif.  It's a great local market with fantastic architecture, restaurants, and souvenir shops.  I had NO IDEA they were having some kind of EID celebration at the Souk!!  Traffic and parking was a mess getting there ... we saw some kind of camel races / auction in an empty lot along the way!  The Souk was packed with locals enjoying multiple stages with everything from a guy playing music with plastic spoons to breakdancing to a tightwire act!!  It was crazy!!!!  A great place to people watch - although I don't think mom and Pam saw past all the Abayas and Thobes that night.  (Abayas are the black coverup the ladies wear and Thobes are the white garments for the men).
Pam, Mom, & I at the Souk Waqif
The Souq at night

One of several parades at the Souk

Tight wire act between buildings at the Souk
Another one of the parades
taking a break from the crowds to grab dinner

Jaden captured a great picture of Aunt Pam don't you think?  :-)

Sisha Pipe - water pipe that many people smoke at the Souk. 
There are tons of different flavors of tobacco.
 Nicholas did NOT like the smell!!!

Moon over the Fanar ... beautiful at night.  If only I had a better camera (or maybe it's just the photographer?)

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