Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom & Pam's visit for EID - Dhow

My mom and my Aunt Pam were here for ~10 days during EID (Muslim holiday).  The boys were out of school and Ken was off work, so we acted like tourists in our new city.  The weather was absolutely glorious!!!  We had a wonderful time and we were all sad to say goodbye...

I have so many stories and pictures to share from the week, I'll have to blog them in parts. 

Mom and Pam arriving Doha airport

Mom and Pam arrived around 1am Thursday night/Friday morning. They were supposed to arrive earlier, but they missed their connection in London. It was a long day of travel for them!!

My mom and aunt were troopers ... after a ridiculously long day of travel and a short night of sleep, they got up and joined a group of our friends on a traditional Dhow trip.   Dhows are traditional fishing boats used in bygone days when Qatar's economy was based on the pearling industry.

In front of a giant statue of a pearl waiting for our Dhow tour to begin

Boys with Doha skyline behind

Dhow boat

Pam, Mom & I on the Dhow.  A beautiful day with a warm breeze...

Jaden had so much fun jumping off the boat with the big kids!!!

Sunset over Doha from the boat

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