Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mom & Pam's visit - Sealine Resort

Still catching up with all the stories from my mom and Aunt Pam's recent visit ...

Sealine .... Sealine .... what to say about Sealine?

Ken and I thought it would be nice to take a mini retreat in the middle of the week while mom was here and hit a hotel resort right on the beach.  We had heard nice things about Sealine, about 1 hr south of Doha.  We booked 2 rooms for 2 nights.  We were advised that upon checkin we would have to present a copy of our marriage certificate in order to share a room with each other.  Crazy! 

We arrived a little early and our rooms weren't quite ready so we explored the grounds of the hotel ... beach front, several pools, camel rides, jet skis, one of those big inflatable bouncy slides and play area, etc, etc.  All looked good!
Arriving Sealine Resort
The boys were enjoying the pools and inflatable toys with Ken while I went back inside to check into our rooms.  Check in took a while and when I came back outside, it was chaos.  Apparently the wind had picked up and those silly inflatables weren't tied down in any way!!!  The wind literally picked up the entire inflatable, turned upside down, dumped the kids to the ground, and trapped them underneath. 
Picture of the inflatable at night...
Jaden and Nicholas were traumatized!  Jaden could barely blink he was in such shock.  Jaden had bumped his head and Nicholas complained of his leg hurting.  When I set him down to walk, he couldn't support his weight on his right leg.  Paramedics came and thought they looked okay, but to be safe, took us to a nearby medical clinic via ambulance. 

Jaden thought it was pretty cool to ride in an ambulance for the first time!

The medical clinic checked all their vitals and all seemed okay.  Nicholas had a pulled hamstring and Jaden seemed fine.  They gave us the equivalent of children's tylenol and sent us home.  Told us to watch for dizziness, confusion, and vomiting with Jaden due to head injury, but we all thought it was nothing.

We headed back to the resort laughing about the "magic carpet ride."

Boys were exhausted after their ambulance ride to the medical clinic.

That night, getting ready for bed, Jaden said he head hurt really bad.  He was crying and was in a considerable amount of pain.  We tried giving him the Tylenol, but he started vomitting all over the hotel room.  Back into the car and this time, all the way back to Doha's Hamad Hospital Emergency Room.

The hospital has separate entrances for men and women.  There was a door for families, but it was under construction and we were told to enter through the women's entrance.  I checked Jaden in and they took us straight back to a room.  Ken was told he had to remain in the waiting room and couldn't enter.  Women only.  The emergency room was pretty busy, but a doctor saw us relatively quickly.  He too didn't think it was anything serious ... by this time, Jaden was no longer feeling bad at all.  But we both thought it would be best to get a CT scan just in case.  They took us to another room to wait for the CT scan.  I was so turned around, I had no idea where Ken was sitting anymore.  No clue how to get news back to him.  We had left his cell phone with my mom at the resort so we could keep her posted.  So I didn't know how to contact Ken.  A security guard agreed to go find him and update him.  The security guard proceded to sneak Ken into our waiting room.  Yeah!  Together!

Waiting for the CT and then waiting for the results took FOREVER!!  The "room" was a curtain drawn around Jaden's bed with about one foot of space on one side.  And it was FREEZING!!!  Jaden stayed awake the whole time...couldn't believe it!!  I fell asleep, but not Jaden.  Crazy kid!  Just like his daddy!  Results of the scan showed all was fine, so they sent us home.  We drove back to the resort at 3am!  It was a LONG night!!!
Jaden is amazing!  He's always so happy, even waiting for
hours in a freezing cold room for his CT scan.
Next morning, Jaden acted like nothing happened the night before.  We played on the beach all day. Ken rented a jet ski and took the boys out.  It was great except for the jelly fish!!
Boys on the jet ski

View from our room

While the boys were on the jet ski, mom, pam, and I waded out in the ocean until the water was up to our shoulders.  It was a beautiful day and we were enjoying watching the boys on the jet ski.  I felt a little sting on my wrist and thought it felt an awful lot like a jelly fish sting, but it was minor.  We stayed in the water.  I felt a couple more little stings and asked mom and Pam if they felt any.  Pam had, but not mom.  We stayed in the water.  Mistake.  Whack!  Big sting on my left foot.  Before I could say anything ... whack!!  A bigger sting on my right calf.  We haul ourselves out of the water and immediately ask for vinegar.  The vinegar worked like a charm on the smaller stings, but did nothing for my calf.  I've never had such a big jellyfish sting!  It hurt like crazy!!!!!!!!!

Can you see the jelly fish sting?  I should have taken a picture
the next day when it turned dark red like a burn! 
It's still slowly fading away 2 weeks later!!
 After we all took an afternoon nap, we decided to ride the camels before dinner.  The pictures look like it's late, but it gets dark really early here ... the sun sets around 4:30 or 5pm.  The boys rode togheter ... so cute to see Nicholas clinging on to Jaden.  It was a bit wobbly getting up and down, but the ride was pretty smooth.  I rode alongside the boys, but no one else wanted to ride.  Can't believe I couldn't get my mom and my Aunt up on a camel!!  Not like you have a lot of chances to ride a camel!!! 

Boys getting up on the camel

Camel ride down the beach

Boys loved the camel ride!

More stories to come of Mom & Pam's visit ... still need to blog about the dunebashing and the camel races!!!  Another time, I have to go get Jaden from the school bus...

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