Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jordan - the dead sea

I totally thought I posted this 2 weeks ago with all the other posts from the our trip to Jordan, but looks like I forgot to publish it!  So here is the final post from our trip ... a day at the dead sea.
At sea level ... heading down to the lowest spot on earth

We weren't expecting the fancy resort with all the swimming pools when we arrived at the Dead Sea! 

We wandered through the resort and down to the Dead Sea to have a float in the cold and super salty water.  Then we covered ourselves in the mud from the Dead Sea before heading back to the swimming pools and the resort.
The Dead Sea

You can just barely see Israel on the other side of the Dead Sea

The water was freezing!!!  Okay, that might be a tiny exaggeration.  It was probably perfect for people living in normal parts of the world, but we are so very acclimated to extreme heat and warm pool/ocean water, that we are total WIMPS when it comes to cool water!!! 
Jaden and I floating in the Dead Sea

Nicholas floating in the Dead Sea, but he didn't stay in for long.  He has pretty bad excema and the salt water didn't feel very good on his legs, so he didn't stay in very long.

Relaxing in the Dead Sea ... So easy to float!!!! 

Time to get muddy!  Of course, I was the first one to start putting on the mud.  I gave Nicholas my camera to take pictures.  He took 60, yes 60 pictures of me!!!  Some of them even included my head!  :-) 
Trying to convince Ken and the boys to get muddy too...
Ken is the first to agree... the boys thought it was gross!
You can see the stand full of gooey mud in front of us.
Ken with his GQ pose! 
Ken was the only one to put it all over his face
Except for my face, I'm finally just as dark as Ken!  :-)
We finally convinced Jaden to get muddy too!
Roar!!  Silly mud pose!
Nicholas was not to be convinced to get muddy or get back into the Dead Sea.  I think it stung his legs too much with the salt content of the water.
Ken relaxing in the Sea, washing off the mud

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