Sunday, May 11, 2014


We had several celebrations this past week ... last Tuesday was "Author's Café" in Jaden's class.  All the parents were invited and they sang songs and read poems they wrote themselves.  It was really cute!!  The kids loved to get on the stool and speak into a microphone!  They wore silly newspaper hats, gave the parents paper flowers, and we had cookies to snack on afterwards.  It was a very special day for his class.

Jaden's class for "Author's Café"  .. Jaden is barely in the picture, on the far left. 
(I didn't know where he was sitting when I snapped the picture.)

Jaden's class sang "You are my Sunshine" and "This Little Light of Mine"

Jaden reads his poem about cats

Jaden shares his acrostic poem about family.  There was definitely a theme about working together.  I'm glad that's the way he sees our family!

The final song was called "Everything Grows and Grows"...

After the poems and songs

Then last Wednesday, we celebrated Ken's birthday with his favorite dinner and an ice cream cake!  We haven't had ice cream cake in forever!!!  Jaden was in love all over again.  He has already requested the same thing for his next birthday!!!  That kid loves ice cream!!!  Ken had a nice quiet birthday, just the way he likes. 

Then on Friday, we celebrated Mother's Day.  The boys made Mother's Day cards with Ken and then more cards in their Friday School classes at church, so I got 4 cards!!  :-)

We started a Mother's Day tradition when we moved to Doha and we celebrate with a formal tea at the Ritz Carlton.  It's so fun!!!  We love the scones and the tea!  Plus it's nice to have an excuse to go some place fancy all together as a family.  I hope we can find a hotel in Houston that does something similar when we move back!  But I'm pretty sure we will enjoy one more Mother's Day here in Doha before we move.

 Happy Mother's Day!!

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