Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random pictures

The boys had a great time playing basketball with the neighbor kids tonight.  I tried to take some pictures, but I definitely need a better camera!  I was proud of them for playing with the "big" kids and not giving up.  Darcy is a great kid - he is older than our boys (8 yrs old) but he always wants to be on Jaden and Nicholas' team and he always passes the ball to them so they can try to shoot.

Nicholas dribbling

Jaden shoots and scores!
After Nicholas got his plaster splint off, he was able to start swimming lessons again.  We switched to a new swim club and the boys are really enjoying their new classes!  Yeah!!  Can't wait to see their progress!!

Nicholas working on his kicks
 Apparently the boys forgot about the firetruck playground in the compound.  They rediscovered it this week and have been having fun pretending to be fire fighters.  They even gave me a lesson in "Stop, Drop, and Roll."

On Tuesdays, Nicholas and I meet up with some friends at different parks around town.  Last week, we went to a new park with a great view of Doha.  The park was rather small, but the sea breezes and views were fabulous!

Downtown Doha from the park at the Pearl

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