Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grocery shopping

So my favorite part of grocery shopping (after getting past the shock of the grand total), is looking at my receipt to see what was the most expensive item I bought.  With my vegan diet, I occasionally buy rather obscure products, but these never seem to be the most expensive.

When I first arrived, I was in utter shock over the price of yellow squash (nearly $10 for 1 yellow squash!), but then I learned that green squash was a bit cheaper ... I'm still on the hunt for a local alternative.

My second trip to the grocery store I paid nearly $15 for a cantaloupe.  (I have since found Saudi Sweet Melon ... a white version of cantaloupe and even sweeter ... for a fraction of the cost.)

Cucumbers were another shock until I found the local cucumbers, a bit smaller than the typical ones in the states (more like the size of a pickle), but just as tasty.

One week, a small bunch of fresh spinach was randomly the most expensive item (even more expensive than a bottle of organic agave nectar).

This week it was raisins?!  what?!!  Raisins are in everything here ... why were raisins so expensive??!!  Oh yeah, out of habit, I grabbed the Sun Maid brand.  Oops!  Got to go local if you want reasonable prices!

My second favorite part of grocery shopping is that for roughly $4, someone will wash your car in the parking lot while you shop.  Bargain!  It's only an exterior wash, but it gets all the desert dust off the car ... well worth $4/week!!

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