Thursday, September 6, 2012

First week of school

We are officially wrapping up our first week of school.  What a week!  TGITh!  To say the boys were nervous would be an understatement of the century.  Pure fear and trepidation was more like it.  Zero on the excitement level.  I knew it would be hard for the boys after a very secluded summer with little interaction with other kids here.  I expected a lot of separation anxiety, but I didn't expect the effect the stress would have on me.  I was completely ill prepared for the physical toll it had on me.  I feel like I've been run over by a truck!  Migraines that left me barely functional for two days plus neck, shoulder and back pain equal to a rigorous workout where you can barely lift your arms over your head -- all from stress!!

So we kicked off the week with meet the teachers.  We met Nicholas' teacher, Ms. Sonia, on Sunday morning and then we met Jaden's teacher, Ms. Catharine, on Sunday afternoon.  Both teachers are AWESOME!!!  I can't say enough about either one of them!  I am confident the Lord has placed us in the hands of truly fantastic teachers.  The boys enjoyed their time in their classrooms, but they were very much at ease knowing that brother and mom stayed in the room the entire time. 

Jaden started school on Monday.  He wasn't ready to ride the bus and I'm not inclined to force the issue.  Drop off went as expected ... lots of tears, lots of reluctance to say good bye.  There was a new parent orientation immediately after drop off, so I promised to check back on him after the meeting.  By the time the orientation was over, Jaden was settled in his room and reasonably content.  He was happy to see me at the end of the day and was incredibly talkative about his day - a great sign!!  He even made a friend, but couldn't remember her name.
Jaden and Ms. Catharine on the first day of school - pre-tears.  :-)

Nicholas ready for his first day of school...

Nicholas didn't start school until Tuesday... I dropped off Jaden first and it went marginally better than day one ... still tears, but no sobbing.  I think it helped knowing that Tuesday's are half days at Jaden's school.  The entire school is dismissed at 12:30 and the teachers work collaboratively every Tuesday afternoon.  Then it was off to Nicholas' school.  As expected, he was reluctant and nervous, but thanks to his lovey and puppy, he was able to hug me goodbye and join the circle without any tears!!  Big success!!!   Immediately following Nicholas' drop off, there was a new parent orientation at his school. By the time it was over, I only had about an hour before I had to go pick up Jaden.  By pick up I was pooped, but Jaden was happy and told me his friend's name is Dennis (a girl).  Nicholas' teacher said he was quiet and reserved, but never cried.  He too made a friend, named Ryan.

That brings us to Day 3.  Jaden's drop off was stressful for him, but no tears.  And he bravely wanted to ride the bus home!!  Yeah!!!  When I met him at the bus stop, he informed me he cried a lot during recess today.  Breaks my heart to share this story ... it's so sad.  Apparently they have indoor recess in the hallways at school until the temps cool down outside.  The very large hallways are set up with several playstations and multiple KG classes play together all at one time.  Jaden's friend Dennis wanted to play with the dolls, but he didn't want to.  He didn't know who or what to play with and there were so many children and so much noise that he just broke down.  He hid under a table and cried until one of the teachers found him.  I don't know how long he was under the table, according to Jaden it was "a medium amount of time."  We talked a lot about feeling scared and unsure and what we can do different next time we feel that way.  I assured him it's very normal and okay to feel like that and also told him that the other kids probably feel the same way.  The teacher also sent me an email explaining what she knew of the situation and the discussion she had with him too.  I know that he will make friends and do really well, but the image of my little man hiding under a table crying through recess is almost more that this momma can take!!  It breaks my heart.

Nicholas doesn't have school on Wednesdays so he was a happy little guy all day yesterday.

Today is our first full day of school for both boys.  Jaden's drop off was still stressful, but no tears.  Nicholas was the same.  I pray they both have a good day ... I could use a minor success before the weekend. 


  1. It is so hard for mom and dad when our kids go through hard times. The good news is, kids are resilient and with time they will both be fine. I'll be praying though for a quick transition!!

    Your posts are so fascinating! I wish I had done something similar when we lived in Okinawa for 3 years, however there was no internet or blogging then :)

  2. Oh, Laura. Saying a prayer that the boys make great friends soon and settle into their new routine. Hang in there!